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publication date 9/2/2021

Lance Weller's third novel returns to the Civil War. 


Bell Hood, a young black slave on the run, hopes to reach the North by orienting herself with the stars.  Her journey to freedom is dangerous, between slave hunters, soldiers from both armies and other fugitives who cross her path.


Jeremiah Hoke participates on the side of the Confederates at the horrific Battle of Shiloh, more by chance than conviction.  He is severely injured and begins a wandering journey in search of improbable redemption.


JOB"S COFFIN is a tale of two destinies linked by tragedy, emblematic of an America in turmoil. 


Endowed with an epic breadth that sweeps everything away in its path, JOB"S COFFIN is a novel that does justice to the finest human hopes.



JOB"S COFFIN will be published in French and is available from French independent bookstores as well as on .


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